Phyllis Kruger

Real Estate Professional

Anchorage Office

About Phyllis Kruger

Alaska! The last frontier. I am one very proud pioneer of this beautiful state. Born and raised right here in Anchorage with a large family of 10. Growing up here you have to be out enjoying all its beauty. Hiking, Biking,Skiing, Water sports, Camping, Running,and having those long summer nights to go out and play a late night round of golf. I am so lucky that I live in such an amazing place and that is why I became a real estate agent. I know this state better then most and sharing it with others makes my job so much fun. I get all kinds of questions from new clients moving up to Alaska. The biggest one is "Is it always dark"? My answer is yes, we do have dark nights and 6 hours of daylight is the least amount, but that is because we need all that rest to store up for those long summer nights.
I love to sing and was a member of the Sweet Adeline' Chorus for 20 years and performed on stage at Carnegie Hall in 1994, sang on the Today Show, ESPN and Talk Soup. I also sang in many quartets and love to play my guitar, and teaching myself to play the piano is still on my bucket list.
Buying and or selling a house can be challenging and I believe finding a realtor is kind of like finding a good hair stylist or doctor, it has to feel right. I love working with new clients in hopes that they will become my long time friends. Please give me a call and welcome to Alaska!